Sunday, July 29, 2007

You cannot remove Cluster Service

You cannot remove the Cluster service, but you can return it to an unconfigured state. You have evicted a node from your Cluster and you want to create a new cluster add the node as a member of the new cluster; However when you try to do it you are getting error, indicating the node is already a member of another Cluster.

  • Stop Cluster service
  • We need to perform a little clean up before we add the server into the new cluster as a new node
  • My server name is Ex1

I will go to RUN menu and type below command

Cluster node ex1 /forcecleanup

Here is Microsoft KB: 282227

The files for the Cluster service are installed, by default, on computers that run either, Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition or Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition. In earlier versions of Windows, this feature had been in the Add/Remove Programs tool.

You cannot remove the Cluster service, but you can return it to an unconfigured state:

  • Start Cluster Administrator (CluAdmin.exe).
  • Right-click the node, and then click Stop the Cluster service.
  • Note: Do not perform this step if this server is the last node in the cluster.
  • Right-click the node, and then click Evict Node.

This step returns the cluster to its original unconfigured state. You can re-add it later to the same or to a different cluster. If you cannot start the Cluster service, or if you have trouble removing the node, you can manually unconfigure the Cluster service:

Run the Cmd.exe program to open a command prompt.

At the command prompt, type cluster node nodename /forcecleanup

Note: If the Cluster service does not exist in the registry, the command does not respond. To create a place holder, type the following line at the command line, and then press ENTER:

sc create clussvc

This will perform the clean up and you will be able add this server as new node to the new cluster


Oz Ozugurlu

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