Friday, July 6, 2007

Sharing SMTP name space with one Exchange server

Starting clean and neat is the best way always dealing with Active directory and Exchange. Objectives: We will host two companies under same exchange server. First company called .Second Company called SMTp25.netEvery Exchange will have default recipients policy which will be stamping all mail enabled users. We will modify this policy, by double click on default policy and click on E-mail addresses. Highlight primary SMTP address and click edit in the address bar change it to @YourCompany.Local

  • Click okay to close the window.
  • Now go back to ESM (exchange system manager). Go to your Storage group and Rename one of the SG(storage group) to Hosted Exchange
  • Under this SG create a mail store called (Domain name of the first company)
  • Create another mail store called (Domain name of the second company)
  • Now go back to your Active directory and do the same thing with OU structure (organizational Unit)
  • Create an OU called (Domain name of the first company)
  • Create an OU called (Domain name of the second company)
  • I have created two subs OU on my scenario to group users in one OU and computer another OU to have better control with GPO's.

Great last thing we need to go, go back to ESM, and drill down to Recipient Policies. Make a right click new policy Select box boxes, click okay, on the name tab, (Domain name of the first company)

  • Click Modify
  • Click Storage
  • Select mail boxes in this mail store
  • Click browse
  • Click advance
  • Click find now
  • Select the mail store we named it first company and perform same task for the second company

Now create user for both companies and Recipient policy will stamp them with correct SMTP Proxy address.

How to share an SMTP address space in Exchange 2000 Server or in Exchange Server 2003


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