Friday, July 13, 2007

BlackBerry Unable to save configuration settings or statistic


User mailbox moved from One Exchange server to another one, in this example NHQEX1 (exchange server 1) to NHQEX2 (exchange server 2). User stops receiving mail to his black berry device. In the event log of BES server we located following event log.

Possible Cause

When mailbox got moved, Exchange server was rebooted, If Exchange server gets reboot, BES needs to be rebooted AFTER the exchange server reboot. This causing worker treads to get frozen, only way to get the worker treads to be released, bouncing the BES server.
Remove user from BES server, add user back to the BES server. Restart the BES services in fallowing order.

  • Blackberry Router
  • BlackBerry Dispatcher
  • Controller

The rest of the services would not make any difference at all; they can be restarted in any order

  • Made sure permissions are set correctly on the Exchange server
  • Made sure permissions set properly on the Storage group and mail store
  • Run utility called IEMSTest.exe again this utility is located on the same directory called Utilities


  • In order to alleviate the problem, be certain BB has proper right to log into user mailbox. Use IEMSTest.exe to perform the test, go to below directory
  • |Program Files
  • |Research In Motion
  • |BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • |Utility|


Run IEMSTest.exe

Leave the default profile on; pick the user you would like to test the permissions

Copyright (c) Research In Motion, Ltd. 1999. All rights reserved.

Opening Default Message Store Mailbox $_bes1.

Opening message store for Ozugurlu, Oz (Consultant) using /O=Smtp25/OU=ARCHQ/cn=Rec

merican Smtp25/OU=ARCHQ/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=EX2VS/cn=Microsoft Private MDB.

Ozugurlu, Oz (Consultant)'s Mailbox opened successfully.

Root Folder opened successfully.

Folder created successfully.

Test folder deleted successfully.

Test completed successfully for Ozugurlu, Oz (Consultant).


This tool will perform the following steps

Attempted to log into oz Ozugurlu mailbox

Mailbox opened successfully

Opened root Folder

Mailbox opened successfully

Created a folder

Folder created successfully.

Mailbox, create a folder, and it will delete the permissions working properly( we know this point BES has permissions to get to a folder on the next step. This is excellent utility to see if



Oz Ozugurlu


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