Friday, July 13, 2007

Bad Port# 3101 at

3101 TCP outbound initiates connection to the Blackberry Control Center, which bidirectional traffic, Blackberry Infrastructure. If network drops (network hiccup) 5 times within 1 minute, SRP key will get disable on the BES servers. Softly after you will see your manager is calling your cell phone and asking you what is going on Before initiate the support call make sure Blackberry service is running on each BB server. Please log into BB server with BES account, click on Black Berry manager icon on the desktop

Here you will see each server and Status of it makes sure it is in running stage, make sure SRP status is in running stage as well.

Perform SRP TEST on your BB server, Open CMD windows, drill down to below directory

  • program files
  • Research In Motion
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • Utility


In this folder there are some handy utilities; one of them is called BBSrpTest.exe

Type BBSrpTest.exe on the command line and Hit enter You will see output similar the picture below, If SRP key is disabled, that particular BB server won't transfer emails. We must call blackberry Support and get them reactivate the If you log into BB server, with Bes account , and go to properties you will see the status of BB server, as an example picture below, NHQBES2 status is running, and SRP number and SRP Authentication key is listed SRP key. This can only be done by RIM Support.


Oz ozugurlu


Howie said...

Oz -

Great way to help prevent this from happening is to change the default time BES waits before trying to reconnect to the srp network. If you increase the time to 15 seconds; you'll never hit the 5 in 1 rule.

How to delay the SRP reconnection --

Oz Ozugurlu said...

Thanks for the tips, it does make a lot of sense the adjust the time

oz ozugurlu

Anonymous said...
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