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Galmode.exe is having intermitting problems; some of the users are not able to update their personal information by using Galmode.exe

Information about Galmode.exe:

Part of the BackOffice Resource Kit, Microsoft has supplied a utility called GALMOD32.EXE which allows users to modify certain attributes of their own. (NT 4.0) Maintaining user attributes may become very difficult in big environment therefore GALMODE32.EXE is very useful tool to let users to perform this task by their own without any administrative afford. Naturally, non-admin users can only change their own details with this utility and since it can be run from a network share, it doesn't even need to be installed on their own computers. It is an Executable read the information from outlook profile and users area blow to change the following fields.

GALMOD32.EXE is supported with NT 4.0 and Exchange server version 5.5


It seems to be missing membership in Active directory is causing problems for users who cannot update their corresponding setting with Gal mode. revamping these membership and establishing  proper rights seems to be fixing the issue

GALMOD32.EXE is supported with NT 4.0 and Exchange server version 5.5. (It works in AD 2X and Exchange 2003) as well.

  • 1.Click to select the Only the following objects in the folder check box, click User objects in the list, and then click Next.
  • 2. Click to select the Property-specific check box, set each attribute that you want your users to modify, and then click Next. Click Finish.

Users can now use Galmod32 or the Windows Search applet to update their information in Active Directory. The permissions on your user account determine the global address list entries that you can modify. If you have Domain Users permissions, you can modify the following fields in your own global address book entry:

  • Address
  • City
  • Business Phone Number
  • State
  • Fax
  • Home Phone Number
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Notes
  • Office
  • Pager
  • Zip Code


If you have Domain Administrator permissions, you can modify the following fields:

  • Assistant
  • Company
  • Country
  • Department
  • Title


The user account needs to be member of, domain users group. Also self account needs to be present on the security tab of the object. Make sure you assign

  • Read

  • Write

Allow permissions for both of them. Enjoy your GALMode.exe

The utility is small you can zip it and sent it via e-mail or keep it on network share and give your access to get it from there


Oz Ozugurlu

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