Thursday, March 2, 2017

Setting Throttling Policies For Cisco Unity

Recently I ran into issues with Cisco/Unity  within the Exchange 2010 environment. I wrote simple script to create Exchange Server Throttling policy based on CISCO’s white paper with their recommended values on the policy. Script can be found on TechNet Scripting Library
Few reminders with Cisco Unity: It is configured to work with EWS.Voice message put into user mailboxes via API , so you wont see Exchange server information within the message headers.  if you are seeing random users not getting their VM, check throttling policy to make sure the recommended values set accordingly.

EWSPercentTimeInCAS               : 300
EWSPercentTimeInMailboxRPC  : 200
EWSFindCountLimit                     : 10000
EWSPercentTimeinAD                  : 100

Oz Casey, Dedeal (MVP North America)
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