Tuesday, January 8, 2019

How to Renew Expires Office Web Apps Server SSL Certificate

If you want trouble, then let Lync certificates expire and struggle to figure out how to bring the service up and running. Office WebApp servers will provide, PowerPoint presentation capabilities to Skype clients and you will quickly notice the existed function is no longer working due to not having valid certificate and Office Web Apps service won’t come up.

Office Web Apps Service is not starting (Service name: WACSM) Lync PowerShell commands won’t run due to same issues, and will fail with following warnings. “-OfficeWebAppsFarm: It does not appear that this machine is part of an Office Web Apps Server farm. “Assuming you did not change any other setting, your server is part of existing Web Apps Server, the PS command won’t run due to WACSM service issues listed earlier.
Fixing the issue:

  1. Copy new certificate to first Web Apps Server C:\temp drive
  2. Log onto first Web Apps Server via RDP
  3. Open MMC console and add certificates snap-in, on the certificates Local computer | Personal | Certificates, delete expired certificate and import new one.
  4. Take a note of certificate name (Issued to)
  5. Close MMC.
  6. Open following directory (\ProgramData\Microsoft\OfficeWebApps\Data\FarmState\settings.xml)
  7. Open Setting.xm file with notepad
  8. Locate following line and make sure Certificate name matches the imported certificate name.
  9. Server1.SecuredNinja.com

  1. Close XML file
  2. Restart Office Web Apps Service (Service name: WACSM)

Casey, Dedeal
Principal Systems Engineer