Friday, February 4, 2011




What is the difference in between  SYSVOL and NETLOGON folders speaking of ACTIVE directory?






IN Active directory there are two critical folders which are shared by each domain controller. These folders are SYSVOL and NETLOGON.


SYSVOL, is used by the domain clients Windows 2X and upper versions to apply GPO ( Group Policies) When you create GPO from DC1 , the GPO gets put into this folder so that it can be replicated to other domain controllers within your Domain name space.

NETLOGON, is used by domain clients to obtain logon script, same goes for the logon scripts when you configure one logon script same scrip gets copied via network connectivity by FRS to other domain controllers

Now AD replication scope is Forest-wide, while SYSVOL replication scope will be Domain wide. The replication problems in AD may cause replication issues problems inconsistent SYSVOL and this will be bad effect to your environment.

FRS uses same connection objects and scheduled , except same site partners, Which Active directory replication uses, so no wonder when AD replication is having issues, so does SYSVOL replication gets effected by this problem. AD replication topology could lead to SYSVOL replication failure.


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Restart BlackBerry Services in RDC order

We have talk about this in the past several time, as it come up again I wanted to mention one more as I find this very useful when it comes to BES servers and restarting its related services on the BES server. See below table as your reference….

R Blackberry Router Service establishes connections,Manages the connection to the wireless network for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Also routes data to handhelds that are connected through the BlackBerry Handheld Manager.
D BlackBerry Dispatcher Establish connection to Exchange, Performs data encryption and compression services for all data that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server sends or receives
C Controller Controls all other services, Monitors key BlackBerry Enterprise Server components and restarts them if they stop responding

*** Rest of the services can be restarted in any order***
  • BlackBerry Alert
  • When configured, sends alerts when events at the specified level occur on the
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  • BlackBerry attachment
  • Converts attachments into a format that can be viewed on the handheld.
  • BlackBerry Database Consistency Service
  • Synchronizes data between the BlackBerry Manager database and user
  • mailboxes.
  • Blackberry Mobil data service
  • Provides secure access to online content and applications on the corporate
  • intranet or Internet through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  • BlackBerry Policy service
  • Supports wireless IT Policy, service books, and third-party application delivery for
  • the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  • BlackBerry Synchronization service
  • Synchronizes PIM application data wirelessly between the handheld and the mail
  • Server.

Oz Casey, Dedeal
MCSE 2003, M+, S+, MCDST
Security+, Project +, Server + (Blog (Blog)