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This article is written for my students mostly. We have recently finished Exchange 2003 Class. All my students become Certified Exchange administrator. I am truly proud of with all of these guys. This is outstanding performance and great achievement. I love to see more people are joining into the Exchange community. Here is out school website I Have promised to my students to have some question posted on my blog. Below are the exchange interview questions for Junior Exchange administration position. Here is my golden advice to you al, please be concise on your answers. When someone ask you in the interview

What is an IP address, do not spent 5 minutes to explain what it is. Your answers should be professional and short such as "It is 32 bits binary number"

Top 10 Tasks for New Exchange Server Administrators

Also expect some basic networking questions as well as Classic ones such as

Tell me about yourself, what you have been doing (Classic one).

  • What is an IP address?
  • What is DNS? (what port)
  • What is DHCP? (what Port)
  • IP address class range
  • Private public IP range?
  • Public IP address range
  • what is subnet mask, why it is important

Port number and Usage Game,

Port 20

Port 21

Port 23

Port 25 Don't Mess with this one !!!!!!!!!

Port 53

Port 110

Port 80

Port 443

Port 3389

Port 3268

Port 3369




  • What is Protocol?
  • Explain UDP
  • Explain TCP
  • How many ports available?

Well Known Ports are those in the range 0–1023

Registered Ports are those in the range 1024–49151

Dynamic and/or Private Ports are those in the range 49152–65535

Ports range 0-65535

  • What is latest service pack Exchange 2003?
  • What is latest service pack Exchange 2000?
  • What is the name of Exchange Databases?
  • How many databases in Standard Exchange version
  • How many databases in Enterprise Exchange version
  • What is Storage Group?
  • What is mail store?
  • Explain Exchange transaction logs
  • What is default size for Transaction logs?
  • Why exchange is using transaction logs? Why not to write to data directly to the Exchange database?
  • How exchange database gets defragmented?
  • What is white space, and how can it be reclaimed?
  • What time online maintenance runs by default in Exchange?
  • What event log exchange logs after online defragmentation




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