Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bodog fight and Kelly Kobold

Here is my CHAMP Kelly Kobold. We recently landed in Jersey for a great Bodog fight night. It was great to meet with Kelly. She is incredibly sweet and rough girl. I am one of her big fan and will be. Kelly fought for a Belt.

You are my CHAMP Kelly and you always will be.

Starting her training in June of 2002, Kelly entered the world of Mixed Martial Arts with no fighting or sport experience. She is the only woman on a hardcore team where the average player is over 200 pounds. On Kelly's first day of training she was taken aside and told "if you want to train with us you will have to train like us. That means no one will go easy on you because you are a girl. We will show you respect by beating the hell out of you." Her response was "Good." At first she took to the game like a cat to water. She showed only two traits that spoke well for her: she never complained about hard work, and she never showed any quit. Night after night, teammates would remark on the girl's heart. January 12th, 2003 in the ICC, that heart was on display for all to see


Oz ozugurlu

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