Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get-MailboxDatabase -Status

I will list some of basic PS scripts on my blog site and I also show you how to build and shape your own PowerGUI tool, as I said several times PowerGUI is incredible powerful and easy to use, the best part is you don't have to know much to get going………

First download and install PowerGUI

Second When you open power GUI create a folder under Exchange anywhere and call it anything you like , I called mine “PS Scripts”


Now I will show you how to create ready to go PS scripts to make your daily job easy and once you understand you can use your imagination and extend your own script folder.

Now on the folder

  • Right click
  • new
  • Script node


This is what you will get , let me explain what # does actually within the PS Script, it means “comment out” click here for more info


Name=Get-MailboxDatabase –Status

copy and paste the PS code in the body as shown below

Get-MailboxDatabase -Status Format-Table Name, Server, Mounted


Download here



You can easily use same PS Script on PowerGUI Script editor


Please pay attention to comment out section I tried to give you more information

Now you know how to make PS scripts easy work and enjoy the power of PS with PowerGUI

I will post least one more PS script for everyone so you can add easily your your tool box within the PowerGUI and imagine soon you will have everything you need click away from you

All credits goes to PowerGUI team and thanks million for this incredible tool


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