Wednesday, June 3, 2009

POWER GUI PowerShell

You might have listened many people saying, learn PS (power Shell) if you are going to be administering Exchange and AD from now on you have to start learning PS and yes this is true every ITPro will have to know some basic and advance PS when it comes to managing both environment.

You think you are late and what are you going to do, you are not even scripting person???

don't worry here is the best tool I have ever seen so far, which will get you going fast , PowerGUI


Click here to download power GUI


I will start blogging about how to use power GUI with many shortcuts mostly Exchange and Active directory management, it would be great idea to register (free) on power GUI website and start spending time on their forums. You will appreciate power GUI and be amazed what you can do with it (-:


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Skunk said...

Awesome! im going to test it now!