Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Exchange 2010 & New Futures

I just finished building new Exchange 2010 org and posting the screenshots for those who did not have chance to see the new OWA, and its beautiful interface coped with many great futures.


As you have noticed on the bottom I have “archived mailbox” The idea is to give more with Exchange 2010, and product itself has many improvements. before I start talking about 2010, I would like to say it one more time, the exchange team has done “Incredible work” and I truly believe this is the best version of all in many aspects. so thanks to Exchange team and all its members for their hard work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exchange always suffered so far with performance in my perspective and therefore it could not offer more, unlikely the version 2010, the major changes on message table schema and its structure allowed Exchange 2010 to run another 70 percent lighter on top of version 2007 and result is no more I/O  fair , this does not mean we still have to pay attention when we deploy exchange but since the 2010 is much lighter application , it did not have any problem including “ Second mailbox” linked to production called archived mailbox and not to worry about performance or the RAID configuration.

Exchange is becoming more like Active directory domain controllers, meaning ability to be redundant out the box as long as you stood up more then one exchange server.

Watch or download the part 1


Watch or download the part 2


Watch or download the part 3


Watch or download the part 4


Database mobility , mailbox database  gets replicated to other Exchange servers in your SMTP organization

DAG: Group of 16 Mailbox server ( max) which can host set of replicated mail databases. Mailbox copied on other servers kept in synch via “Data replication”


Database availability Groups,


learn more watch the videos

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Снаговський Олександр said...

Hi! Could you tell what Exchange version do you have? I have testlab on public beta, and I can't see any Archive Mailbox features in OWA after I've enabled 'alternate mailbox' for my account.

Oz Casey Dedeal said...

It is 2010 RC1 I am not sure if this is available for public yet)-:, anyways I do know Exchange 2010 is scheduled to go out on the 4th quarter this year (-:


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