Monday, August 20, 2007

How to make sure the BlackBerry device has the data service turned on

When performing troubleshooting with a remote user, who has the handheld, it is useful to find out if the data service has been turned on the device. If data service is not turned on, and assumed to be on by client it is almost impossible to move forward, so below is the way to determine if it is on or not.

If the register option won't generate an E-mail back to the Device, this indicates Either Data service is not turned on the device

Or having troubles, either way Service provider need to fix the issue

  • On the device
  • Options
  • Advance option
  • Host Routing table
  • Register now
  • You should  get automatic E-mail registration confirming the registration


This means the data service has been turned on the device, if you are not getting the e-mail, it means data service is NOT turned on; Service provider for the BB (BlackBerry) needs to be contacted



Oz Ozugurlu

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Habeeb said...

Hey....Nice Blog.
Btw....Guess we can verify data plan by sending pin to pin message, right ?