Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Change FQDN name on EHLO/HELO


My email server has been listed at CBL (Composite Blocking List) due to an improper HELO response.  My outbound IP Address resolves to at our authoritative DNS.  When certain servers do an EHLO/HELO check for spamming, my email server returns servername.domainname.local (my internal domain name).  How can I get my Exchange Server 2003 to respond with my DNS listing of


  • Open ESM drill down to
  • Administrative groups
  • Servers
  • Your server
  • Protocols
  • SMTP
  • Virtual Server, Properties

Deliver, and Advance, under Full qualified domain name, ( replace the entry with your public host record of your mail server FQDN (, click Check DNS to make sure it is valid.

Stop and restart your Exchange Virtual server, now if you telnet into your server on port 25 you will get SMTP banner as


Oz Ozugurlu


Austin said...

Thanks! I was having a problem due to changing domains from .net to .com and this solved it for me!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting out a simple solution. I appreciate it!

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Anonymous said...

How do you do it for Exchange 2007

Chilling_Silence said...

In Exchange 2007, open EMC --> Server Configuration --> Hub Transport --> Select your default receive connector and bring up its Properties. Change the FQDN there :)

Anonymous said...

finally a simple, straight forward answer. I've been searching high and low. I had already did this but i wanted to get confirmation on what i was doing is correct.


Anonymous said...

Sets Banner via Exchange Shell

Set-ReceiveConnector -Identity {ServerName}\{ConnectorName} -Banner "220 {Your Desired FQDN and/or Text Here}"

Resets to Default Values

Set-ReceiveConnector -Identity {ServerName}\{ConnectorName} -Banner ""

Restart the MS Exchange Transport service after one or the other and test.

Amir said...

Hi Oz

Thanks a lot for the great post. On SBS 2011, the places for making changes are on Echange Management Console (EMC)

1- Send Connector:
- Organization Configuration
- Hub Transport
- Send Connectors
- Windows SBS Send XXXX
- Right Click - Properties

2- Receive Connector:
- Server Configuration
- Hub Transport
- Receive Connectors
- Default XXX
- Right Click - Properties

Hope that it helps those who maintain SBS 2011 servers


bchild said...
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bchild said...

Thank you for this post I have been looking for this....

bchild said...
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Anonymous said...

This is going to come back to bite you, down the road, if you end up in a multi-server Exchange 2003 deployment. This change isn't just "cosmetic". Other Exchange Server computers will need to be able to resolve the name you specify there because they will attempt to contact the SMTP virtual server you're changing by the name you put in that field.

Ajeet Jagtap said...

Any one can send the same setting for Microsoft Exchange server 2013