Friday, August 31, 2007

Export the IP Relay List on SMTP Virtual server

We will Export the IP Relay List on SMTP Virtual server into a txt file. The Process is getting this work done is very simple.

  • Download and save it to your C drive
  • Open CMD windows and navigate the same directory.
  • From Command line run the following command

regsvr32 exipsec.dll

Now use the following command below (Change the Exchangeserver=Your Exchange server name & DomainControllerName=Your DC name )

cscript ipsec.vbs -s ExchangeserverName -o e -r relay -d DomainControllerName >>IPRelayList.txt

Download, ExIPSecurity


oz ozugurlu


Anonymous said...

It's even easier to just copy the data in this field using adsiedit from the existing server and paste to the new server.


It's located under servername > cn=protocols > cn=smtp > cn=1

Oz Ozugurlu said...

Thanks for the tips
oz ozugurlu

suresh said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello, and I obtain an SMTP list of Exchange 2010???

Oz Casey, Dedeal said...

From PS
Get-ReceiveConnector | Select-Object -Property 'Identity','RemoteIPRanges'