Monday, April 30, 2007

What exactly happens when Repair is clicked on Local Area Connection?

Local Area Connection Repair option produces below results and knowing these are very helpful to deal with

Connectivity problems in windows platform, what exactly happens in windows XP when, repair option is selected on the NIC card Properties Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) lease is renewed: ipconfig /renew

The DHCP lease process has already been explained on one of my old blog, the process involves four primary steps

DHCP discovery

DHCP Lease offer

DHCP lease request

DHCP Lease acknowledgment


Client uses as its address and for the server's address. DHCP discover message on UDP port 68 and destination UDP port 67.

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache is flushed: arp -d *

ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) Displays and modifies the IP-to-Physical address translation tables used by

Address resolution protocol (ARP).

ARP –a

00 -13 -72 -1d-8d -e8


00- 02- b3 -a2 -3f- 6a


01- 00 -5e -00- 00 16


01 -00 -5e- 00- 00- fc


01- 00 -5e -7f –ff- fa



Nbtstat –R Reload of the NetBIOS name cache:

Nbtstat –RR NetBIOS name update is sent

Ipconfig /flushdns Domain Name System (DNS) cache is flushed

Ipconfig /RegisterDNS
DNS name registration


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