Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ESEutil and ISinteg in SMTP25@Nutshell

We were told today our backup team could not backup our Exchange server due to possible corruption on our Corporate Exchange Clustered servers, so I am asked to investigate if the databases for our corporate exchange has some corruption or not. Challenges: Production hours Exchange is heavily utilized, over 7000 mailbox resides on the cluster, so no WAY I get an outage. Even after hours I still cannot get any outage due to politics involved here where I work anyway, Hirrrrrrrrrr

Okay after digging a little bit Google fair enough I bumped into KB 248122 which is what I need exactly
My Guts still won't let me try this on a production server so I decide to try on a LAB.
First let's talk about ESEutil and ISinteg a little bit
ESEutil checks and fixes individual database tables
ISinteg checks and fixes the links between tables
To better understand the difference between ESEutil and ISinteg, let's use a building construction analogy.
Running ESEutil is like opening a web browser, getting the URL for and getting on Exchange Forums, start replying all the post and having fun more than going to Bahamas and going bananas, We more care about how accurate and fast we can help Exchange Community without worried about the color of Forums website or how annoying all those moving advertisements (-:. Our ultimate goal and focus to help those who is in need of help, and share our knowledge and experience as much as we can.

We focus about giving the right, accurate information and knowledge to the people who need them to get the JOB done.

Running ISinteg is like opening a web browser, getting the URL for and getting on Exchange Forums, than worrying about the colors of the page, why there is not enough room for forums, or how many people are online at that time. In this case we don't care about the quality of posts how accurate they are as long as they formatted in nice looking Fonts,

As you can see from the analogy above, I should get a Nobel Prize for this year for Exchange (-:

Both ESEutil and ISinteg are vastly different utilities, but they are complimentary and in some ways dependent upon each other to provide proper Exchange maintenance.

You can use the /ml option of the Eseutil utility to test the transaction integrity of transaction log files.

KB: 248122 (

Now we will verify all the transaction logs to see if they have any corruptions or not

Let's get going

E:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin>eseutil /ml E:\Logs\SG1-Logs\e00

Knowing ESEutil /ML is great, you can use it against one log or all of the logs as I have done it. When ESEutility was stopped on the Log file which is locked, obviously data is either was written to this particular log or was getting committed to database, I did realized now I know which log files have been committed to a database, just in case backup won't happen logs won't get flushed and I get a call in the night, I cannot mount any of the stores due to no space on t he LUN,

ESEutil /ML E:\Logs\SG1-Logs\e00

Will tell me which logs I can get rid off

Best Regards

Oz Ozugurlu


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You would help a lot of people by putting the proper quotation marks around the directory path.

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