Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to Export Mailbox into PST Exchange 2007

You have seen many of videos and articles but still confused about getting mailbox for such user into PST? No worries you are reading right article and one of the easiest way to accomplish this with no sweating (-: with PoerGUI

if you have not download PowerGUI here is download link


  • we need to do little prep work before we get going
  • create a folder in your hard drive and called it PST


Open PowerGUI


  • on the next windows scroll down and configure the PSTFolderPath
  • D:\PST



PST will get created on the target location we defined earlier as shown below




Export-Mailbox –Identity <mailboxUser> -PSTFolderPath <pathToSavePST>


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  • How to Export and Import mailboxes to PST files in Exchange 2007

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Thomas said...

It says to write D:\pst and then it goes to C:\pst I'm not quite sure i understand why? Or is it just wrong typed?

Oz Casey Dedeal said...

Please change the drive letter as you wish , as long as the drive is valid , should be no problems


Waga said...

This only works on SP1.

iTanas said...

So this utility can only be ran on a 32-bit machine with Outlook 2003 or later installed. Is there no way to run this on the Exchange 2007 (SP2) server itself?

Michael Seidl said...

Hi, i wrote an Blogarticle about that, you dont need any PowerGui or something. http://www.techguy.at/en/2010/07/05/export-pst-from-exchange-2010/

Anonymous said...


will it create PST for all Mailboxes or just one. How can i create PST for All mailboxes, I have 100 Mailboxes from 10MB to 6GB in size.


shawn z said...

1) Download “ExMerge” on to a Windows 2003 server with Exchange running on it.
2) Copy “exchmem.dll” to the folder with the “ExMerge” contents.
3) Give full perms to administrator or the user you logged in as to the server and mailboxes.
a. In Exchange Manager, right click in server, properties and then security
b. Uncheck inherit
c. Add everyone, and give full control to everyone.
d. Take ownership
This ensures that you have the require “send as” and “receive as”, but the step here are very insecure. While this is insecure, it does effectively allow a mailbox backup or each user for a system that is about to be decommissioned.

Brown Wise said...

Exporting Exchange mailboxes to .pst files using Export_mailbox cmdlets is a good option. However, there are some limitations of this tool like you are not able to export or import data to or from a public folder. In that situation, you may consider a third party EDB to PST converter tool to export Exchange mailboxes into pst files effectively and accurately.

Stephen Lembert said...

For hassle free EDB to PST Conversion, trust professional third party tools. Check here for more information:


Jim Robert said...

Due to some shortcomings of Exmerge.exe/Export_Mailbox tools, sometimes this inbuilt utility does not give the accurate results. Here are some tips to export mailboxes to PST files quickly and easily with full accuracy: Effective Methods to Export Mailbox to PST


Adom Watson said...
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Adom Watson said...

Although exmerge and cmdlets are prime solution to export mailboxes to pst but there are various situations and limits with both such as 2gb pst & bulk export issue with exmerge, export-mailbox does not work with disconnected mailboxes etc. In such cases 3rd party edb pst converter tools are helping properly.


Olive Scott said...

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grace smith said...

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sophia loren said...

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Jake Leo said...

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