Friday, February 1, 2008


You want your users to update their own setting within the GAL, and you dedicated to use GALMODE utility, which was supported with exchange 5.5. The companies won't like spending money and get some other/better product; instead they like to make their existing tool work with any version of exchange. So I was tasked to make the GALMODE work in a large environment mix with exchange 2000 and 2003.

First you will need GALMODE.EXE, if you don't have it ping me. Second follow the steps in KB-272198

Follow the steps below

  • Click Self
  • Click ok
  • Next
  • Create Custom task to delegate , next
  • Only the following objects in the folder
  • Highlight anything and press letter "U" which will take you to
  • User object put a checkmark in there
  • Next
  • Select Property-specific
  • Now time to choose what to pick , I am going to choose following
  • Write ZIP/Postal code

In the following Active Directory folder:

The groups, users, or computers to which you have given control are:


They have the following permissions:

  • Read Assistant
  • Write Assistant
  • Read Company
  • Write Company
  • Read Department
  • Write Department
  • Read Fax Number
  • Write Fax Number
  • Read Job Title
  • Write Job Title
  • Read Notes
  • Write Notes
  • Read Pager Number
  • Write Pager Number
  • Read Street Address
  • Write Street Address

  • Read Telephone Number
  • Write Telephone Number
  • Read Title
  • Write Title
  • Read ZIP/Postal Code
  • Write ZIP/Postal Code

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