Tuesday, February 12, 2008

OWA and IE7 - Red X

Question: I am experiencing red 'x' on OWA, can someone please help me out

Solution: Follow the Steps to remediate Red X issue

If you are unable to compose or reply a messages within OWA and you are seeing a red square with an "X" in it follow the steps to solve the problem

where IE7 do not accept ActiveX and MIME

  • OWA, click on the "options" in the left Task Pane.
  • Under "E-mail Security" and Click Install or Upgrade the S/MIME Control. This will download a new add-on.
  • Click "RUN" when asked about the Microsoft Outlook Web Access S/MIME install and security warning.
  • There is also a update for Vista & IE 7.0 KB 911829

In Vista dynamic HTML editing ActiveX control is being removed from IE.


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Asela said...

Problem Resolved !!

Check wether you have instaled the exchange 2007 SP1 Rollup Update . some times the rollup update may be crash .

what I done was I removed the rollup update 10 . & restart the server . then problem resolved sucessfully.

Asela Aluthge

Sarah Hall said...

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