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Windows 2003 to windows 2008 some of the Cluster improvements no more upgrade with CLUSTERS in windows 2008

I heard (Cluster setup steps, never counted there were 23 steps) to setup cluster in windows 2003. The new cluster has couple steps to get the cluster up and running.The windows 2008 brought new Cluster MMC 3.0 so ClueAdmin is gone. Windows 2008, the clustering is being called "Failed over Clustering"

Cluster logging (Text Logging is gone along with ClueAdmin), the new MMC is the tool to use for Windows 2008 Clusters, there is a tool called Validate tool build into the Cluster MMC. This toll provides multiple tests.

What to do when cluster is hang, enable User Mode Hang Detection

  • The following symptoms typically indicate that the cluster node has stopped responding: • You can confirm IP connectivity to the server that is hanging by pinging it.
  • You cannot successfully establish a connection to the server by using the net use command.
  • You cannot successfully connect to the server by using a Terminal Services client.
  • You can move the mouse pointer when you log on locally to the server.
  • You cannot start programs or utilities when you are logged on locally to the server

KB is here

Of course this is build right into windows 2008 architect. There is also reporting function build into new cluster configuration management.

Cluster signature managements over better GUI in windows 2008. GPT is supported. New Symantec Foundation for Windows will be supported. The DHCP is supported now. Any network cluster resource will be able to use DHCP support, I am not sure if anyone would really use this because this is supported, I personally would not (-:, but this is supported in windows 2008 cluster configuration just to let you know. NetBIOS is not needed anymore in windows 2008. The Cluster GUI is build into MMC 3.0, so windows 2008 is promising no MORE hourglass simply because the ClueAdmin is gone, and MMC cannot crash (-:

The cluster migration tool will make thing easy, this tool will assist for cluster configurations from one cluster to another one.

Geographically dispersed clusters

Allow cluster nodes to communicate across network router (Wow), configurable heartbeat timeout, no more cluster distance limitations (Wow).

The Cluster management is finally getting retired to be the rocked scientist job to regular admin type of job. The windows 2008 CSA runs the service account as local System which is very nice. No more worry about cluster special account.

I am very excited to expose myself into new cluster management MMC and tolls. Hopefully windows 2008 servers will get deployed fast into most of the network and we will have opportunity to explore the new futures in production environment


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