Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mailbox manager settings Exchange Policies

Let's say the company decided to implement mailbox policies for all mail enabled users. You are assigned to get this task done based on the company policy. Regular mailbox policies would be delete such e-mails older than X number of days and to set this up on the Exchange org you need to start from ESM, and drill down to recipient policies, under recipients folder in ESM. New recipient policy selects "mailbox manager settings"


Name your policy, once you get there makes a right click and click modify and select where you want to apply this policy, in my case I choose a single server. Click on mailbox manager settings (Policy) and complete the each filed corresponds or satisfies to your company policy. On the bottom there is an option to send mail to clients and let them know what happening.

When all looks good click apply and save the policy in ESM.


Go to properties of exchange server

Mailbox management, click on custom schedule, and I picked 6AM every day. Click on reporting and point it to a DL (Exchange administrators), also we want detailed report.


Manually initiating Mailbox Management

If you right-clicking the new Mailbox Management recipient policy and select Apply This Policy Now the policy gets applied right away regardless the schedule. Also right-click the Recipient Update Service, under "Recipient Update Service" select Update Now after doing this select Rebuild.

This will kick off the RUS with the new policy and then applies the policy to existing objects that meet the search criteria. For better redundancy dedicating multiple bridge head server and different DC/GC would be a good way of making sure RUS steps all policies and the SMTP Proxy addresses.



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