Wednesday, November 28, 2007

PRIV1.HTML file in Exchange 2000

The question came today from one of my peer at work was asking a question about priv1.html file, when we are performing defrag on exchange 2000 databases. What is this file about I never know exchange would use HTML file as database. My peer knew the priv1.edb file and what it does very well; nevertheless, the HTML file seemed to him a bit abnormal.


priv1.edb, but it also has an escort file called priv1.stm. (priv1.html), for some weird reason windows reads this file as HTML file (go figure), which confuses some of the exchange administrators.

  • Priv1.edb files contain Rich Text Formatted (RTF) content messages.
  • A priv1.stm file contains non-RTF messages.

The priv1.edb holds message data from messages that are in native MAPI format, the STM file holds content for internet formatted messages. Both are required to get the database to function correctly.

The 16-GB size limit for the Exchange private mailbox store database and the 16-GB size limit for the Exchange public mailbox store database is the sum of the size of both the Priv.edb and the Priv.stm files.

When you put a limit on a mailbox,

  • You only limit the storage in the Priv.edb file.
  • You do not limit the storage in the Priv.stm file.

For example, a mailbox may appear to use only 250 MB of space in Exchange System Manager. However, the total space that the mailbox uses may be 450 MB. This difference occurs because the 200 MB of space that the Priv.stm file uses does not appear in Exchange System Manager.


When you do a defrag of the edb, the stm file is automatically also defragged.


Oz Ozugurlu