Monday, November 5, 2007

BlackBerry How to test mail flow on Users Handheld

Here is the situation, users calls and complain not getting messages to their handheld. Most of the time there is a problem with either BlackBerry or the wireless provider. Time to time the problem is cause by end user. If this is the case how we can identify the message is getting to handheld even though we don't have the handheld in front of us. Here is nice trick we learned from RIM support.

Problem: user is assuming not getting mail to this handheld

Solution: Generate Automatic confirmation e-mail to determine if test mail ever makes the handheld

From your outlook compose a new mail message to the user who is having trouble as shown below

Do not forget the brackets on the Subject line, and ask the user to reply the message.

  • To : Effected user
  • Subject: <Confirm>

This is going to generate automatic mail reply back to you as soon as the message hits the user handheld with subject line "BlackBerry Delivery Confirmation" and some details in the body of the confirmation e-mail

I think this is real slick



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