Sunday, December 2, 2007

IronPort C350

Finally, we have replaced our mail gateways to Iron Port C350. We deployed 3 Iron Port in our network and God knows how much we suffered with old mail gateway appliance. It was horrible experience including support and the product itself. No need to mention names. Those of you know me personally I will recommend not to buy and what to buy as dedicated mail relay gateway, ping me at any time.

I will write more about Iron Port, let me tell you, incredible device, awesome support engineers so far. The Shell is UNIX, and most of the basic Unix commands works like a charm. Incredible flexible and noticeable powerful mail gateway, no wonder 90% percent of the government business using Iron Port in Washington DC.

Be carefully when you decide to buy dedicated mail gateway, wrong decision will give you big head and lost of revenue eventually.

Best Regards,

Oz ozugurlu


Anonymous said...

Ditto. We utilize the IronPort C350 as well and it has processed over 50 million SPAM messages without a false positive.

Oz Ozugurlu said...

Thanks for sharing your experince, I am trully impressed with power of IronPort.We ripped of 6 legacy device and replaced with 3 C350.We do several million e-mails per day, almost over 4 mouths, I have never seen IronPort getting even tired in performance, these appliance are ROCK and easy to manage, Unix shell is very easy

Roofer said...

IronPort is so cool impressive. Because of this i wanna learn more latest of ironport.

Akash Phoenix said...

Hi OZ,

We are going to migrate our existing Exchange 2003 environment to Exchange 2010. As of now we were using Ironport as SMTP gateway for Exch 2003 is it possible to do the same with Exch 2010. My Boss is bit doubtful about Ironport handling POP3 requests too.

To clear it our, what we want is any connection that should connect the CAS server should be handled by Ironport first and then to the CAS server. We have 2 Ironport devices C350 & C360.
Kindly gimmme the do's and donts in this case.

Also, your blog is very impressive as well as Informative.

Akash Phoenix