Friday, November 16, 2007

Exchange 2007 Versions and some of the futures

Exchange 2007 Standard

  • SG (Maximum of five storage groups)
  • DB (Maximum of five databases)
  • OA (Support for Outlook Anywhere) formerly known as RPC/HTTPS
  • LCR (Local continuous replication)
  • RGG (Recovery storage group)
  • Database size (No limit)
  • Exchange 2007 Standard

Exchange 2007 Enterprise

Support all futures as standard edition

  • Up to 50 SG
  • Up to 50 DB ( MS recommends one SG and one DB)
  • Why it is, recommended this way? Log files for Entire SG, if you have one SG,

    If we segregate the logs for one DB which will be better (faster) than writing logs to more than one DB

  • Consider using different spindles for best performance, even in 64Bit architecture, which is common sense.
  • SCC (single Cluster Copy)
  • LCR (Local continuous replication LCR supports 1 Database per Storage Group
  • CCR (Cluster continuous replication ) CCR only supports 1 Database per Storage Group

Coexistence Requirements

  • Exchange 5.5 is not supported. If you still have, it get rid of it.
  • All Exchange Server 2003 servers must have SP2 installed
  • All Exchange 2000 Server servers must have SP3 and post-SP3 update rollup installed


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