Tuesday, November 13, 2007

WEBSENSE Detecting Blocked URL Redirection


Client cannot access to certain website within the allowed URL. Client is getting access denied within the allowed HTML pages, or some of the functions embedded into aalowed pages wont function properly.


We will figure out what exactly is getting blocked by Websense. To perform this function follows the steps below.

Note: you need to know the client IP address whom is having trouble when accessing to this URL. You can also prepare a staging PC, and simulate the same scenario, in this case you will use the staging PC's IP Address.

Log into web sense server (nhqdtccf1.archq.ri.redcross.net)

  • Go to command line
  • Drill down to following directory on the Websense server
  • D:\Websense\bin>
  • Type the following command from this directory

D:\Websense\bin>TestLogServer.exe -onlyip -file test2.txt

Replace the IP address in this example to IP address of the Client PC, who is having trouble to access the problem link, or pages.

When client is accessing the link the web sense will detect the exact URL and all you need to do is to allow the requested address by the browser by adding it to corporate allowed list

This will resolve the issue, and client will be able to access the full functionality of the website


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