Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why RUS (recipient update service) is giving you hard time?

IS your RUS not stamping newly created accounts in active directory? Are you seeing many Event ID: 9562
MSExchangeIS on the exchange server application log, and you research entire Google and all you could find was manually rebuild the Recipient Update Service (RUS), this is what Microsoft recommends anyway. Here is the good news; RUS no longer exist in Exchange 2007. Exchange 2007 uses, instance turn on, when mail enabled object created Exchange stamps it instantly (read more) .The RUS trouble shooting can be very frustration. Before start performing RUS trouble shooting lets refresh our memories about RUS and recipient update service.

Recipient Update Service,

  • The Recipient Update Service creates and maintains Exchange-specific attribute values in Active Directory.
  • RP (recipient policy) recipient policies to control e-mail address settings and to manage mailboxes.
    Recipient policies are a set of configurable rules that run on a schedule and evaluate all the messaging-enabled objects in your Active Directory forest. The policy uses the rules to filter all of the objects and to selectively apply e-mail addresses of specific types to those instances that fit the predefined rules

May of the RUS troubleshooting starts turning the diagnostic logon on the exchange server

  • MSExchangeAL\LDAP Operations
  • MSExchangeAL\Address List Synchronization
  • MSExchangeSA\Proxy Generation (Exchange 2003 only)

Troubleshooting RUS part 1 there is part two as well.

Please pay attention the notes in the article follow as below

  • Repeatedly choosing Rebuild on the RUS or Apply This Policy Now on a policy can complicate the troubleshooting process by causing the RUS to process large numbers of objects.
  • These results in the application log quickly overwriting itself and make it difficult to follow the sequence of events described above. When troubleshooting the RUS, it is best to avoid Rebuilding or Applying and instead focus on a single test user and use only Update Now to check for new and modified objects. After an Update Now, you can walk through the events described above to understand what the RUS is doing to a particular recipient

Each instance of the Recipient Update Service associates one Exchange server (where the Recipient Update Service runs) with one Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 domain controller (on which the Active Directory objects are updated). Only one Recipient Update Service object can be associated with one Active Directory domain controller.

If you have multiple sites, you can also add multiple instances of the Recipient Update Service for each domain. In this scenario, an instance of the Recipient Update Service is hosted on a domain controller in each site and mailbox creation is not dependent on the inter-site replication schedule of Active Directory.

The recent troubleshooting scenario I have to deal was a lot of Event ID: 9562 on the exchange server.

The RUS did not run due to replication issues on the Child domain. The RUS was running from another child domain targeting a DC with in the second domain controller. The exchange server who was having 9562 errors was located in the second child domain. I quickly figured out the configuration on the exchange server (DNS) was not set correctly. I wrote many articles about why Exchange must point to Local DC/DNS server. After making necessary correction I have to go to AD Site and services. I verified the KCC has replication connection created automatically, with one of the remote bridgehead server (DC/DNS). I created manual replication partner from problem site to the remote bridgehead server. I created another KCC replication form remote bridgehead server back to the problem exchange server, and have them force replication.

After this rebuilding the RUS, made the trick


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