Tuesday, October 9, 2007

BOB Arrives to Chicago!

We recently sent one of our EMC senior consultants to our datacenter in Chicago, of course this is Bob. Upon his arrival he wrote e-mail back to us to let us know we got there. I found this E-mail hilarious and decided to blog it. Bob is going to build many exchange server in Chicago and he will lead enterprise migration affords, I will post some of his experience in my blog as well and share the wealth of his knowledge on my blog.

Here he goes,

Hello Mom and Dad,

Dan and I arrived to Chicago just fine. You no longer have to worry about us. We arrived to Chicago, got checked into the hotel and came straight to the CDC...after breakfast :). This place is a bit weird. I believe it is an old church that was renovated to become office space and a Datacenter. I'm scared to curse or think any bad thoughts in this old church. We got through security (thanks Brad for the help). The Datacenter is HUGE. Dan and I got lost inside it. It is at least 4-5 times larger than the Datacenter we have at home. We are now waiting for someone to take us to our next field trip to see where all of our new toys are. We found our staging area and we are ready to have some fun, but everything is a process here. We'll stay in contact and let you know how the process goes. We are having fun...wish you were here.

Best Regards,


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Oz Ozugurlu said...

For lunch today they sent our for Chinese food - my fortune cookie reads

"Be prepared to modify your plans."

nuff said.

This is from Dan, our second senior Exchange Engineer