Monday, October 15, 2007

Static IP & why we need DHCP Client service running?

Here is outstanding interview question by Sirak Mulatu, if servers need static IP address as best practices, why the DHCP client service needs to be running on the Exchange server. Best practice is to disable all unnecessary services to make exchange even stronger?

Fair enough the service DHCP Client is being used to register DNS names. "Manages network configuration by registering and updating IP addresses and DNS names.". Imagine registration won't happening active directory integrated DNS world. The clients who needs mail service, won't be able to locate the Exchange server due to missing records, which will drop the entire Exchange server off from a network,

This will create a disaster in the SMTP mail flow. Be careful about this service.

Service Name

dhcp client

Starts the DHCP Client service.

This command is available only if you have installed the TCP/IP protocol.

The DHCP Client service manages network configuration by registering and updating IP addresses and DNS names. The DHCP Client service supports obtaining an IP address from the DHCP service.

You cannot stop or pause the DHCP Client service.


Starts the Net Logon service.

The Net Logon service verifies logon requests and controls domain-wide replication of the user accounts database

Start the Net Logon service on all the servers in a domain that use a copy of the domain's user accounts database


Starts the Workstation service

The Workstation service enables a computer to connect to and use network resources.


You can use the Server service to share server resources with users on the network


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Oz Ozugurlu said...

its not JUST to register.... Its also your name resolver. Try stopping it on your laptop and go to your browser and TRY to pull up a website (after you flush your cache)

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