Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An error caused a change in the current set of domain controllers. It was running command ‘Get-FederationTrust’

Problem: Receiving fallowing error on Exchange 2010 server after opening EMC and expending Mailbox tab under organization configuration.


Possible causes:

To be honest first thing I checked was to make sure Exchange server is able to talk to all domain controllers as its configured on its TCP/IP properties.Also as always check to see anything catches your attention under application logs.

Fair enough I was able to locate the event log “2080” MsExchangeADAccess” was showing me one DC only, however the TCP/IP stack was configured to talk to secondary DC.


Make sure Exchange is able to talk to all DC’s within its “Site”

Above example the second DC was not even discovered by MSExchange AD access, due to replication problems existed among the DC’s in the  site where exchange is residing. After fixing the relocation issues and restarting MSExchangeADTopology service took care of the error.


Some other people who had same error assumed to fix this issue by deleting the local profile ( corrupted profile) for the user account they logged into Exchange server.

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thepul said...

I found a simple solution on below and it worked like charm.
No need to delete the user profile


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