Wednesday, September 2, 2009

RSA OWA & ISA 2008 Exchange 2007

100; Access denied, RSA ACE/Server rejected the passcode that you supplied. Try again with a valid passcode.


One last thing I forgot to mention is to copy the local secret SecureID file from system32 into SDConfig folder.

  • SECURID from <windir>\system32 to …\Microsoft ISA Server\sdconfig
  • On each ISA Server, run the SDTEST.EXE utility.  This utility allows you test user authentication from an Agent Host to the RSA Authentication Manager Server.  Upon a successful user authentication, the Node Secret file (SECURID) will be created in the <windir>\system32 folder.

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  • The SDTEST Authentication Utility is used to verify that a computer running ISA Server can authenticate to a computer running RSA Authentication Manager.  Note the following:   SDTEST.EXE requires the SDCONF.REC to be located in the …\system32 folder to run and test authentication successfully.  However, for ISA server to successfully authenticate to the RSA server, SDCONF.REC must be located in the ..\Microsoft ISA Server\sdconfig folder.  Also note that SDTEST.EXE does not require a Node Secret to authenticate, but the ISA Server does require a Node Secret to authenticate.

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