Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Exchange 2010 and RIM support

There are no updates or any news as far as I know yet  from RIM  in regards to Exchange 2010. RIM has  not announced any type of support for Exchange 2010.

Exchange 2010 has changed a lot compared to Exchange 2007 and hence current version of BES in not compatible with beta version of Exchange 2010.

To be honest I would love to see some testing going forward and hopefully RIM will catch up the official release day of Exchange 2010 which will be Soon (-: ( Shisss don't ask, it will be ready when it is readCrying)

The bottom line is,  there is no support as of yet and we are hoping RIM is working on it to catch up the official Exchange 2010 release day….

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hdawg said...

Oz -

There has to be a way to get this going ... I haven't had time myself to look into this but hopefully can have a discussion on it:


Mark Arnold said...

Ahh, they've got to be well down the line with it. My employer has a product that integrates with Exchange and I know we're feverously getting the new version out of the door.

I would love to see a dinky little connector that didn't cause mayhem with performance and didn't require a separate server. I can dream.

David said...

"October 20, 2009 - Research In Motion (RIM) is pleased to notify you that we are working in close collaboration with Microsoft on compatibility and support for BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010. Compatibility is expected later this year. BlackBerry® Technical Support Services for BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 is expected within 30 days following the global availability of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010."