Friday, September 25, 2009

Outlook is retrieving data from the Microsoft Exchange Server

Outlook is retrieving data from the Microsoft Exchange Server; Christmas Balloon is not welcome for many exchange administrators.

In the past I blogged about the reasons and how to troubleshoot the issue in details here is the link to that post


Recently , we found out the same issue was raising on one of our customers network. The Exchange servers on this environment had 32 Gig memory with 16 CPU, so it was pretty easy not to start looking for server side problems, rather some other issue was causing the problem. Short story we found out  the problem was related to DC/GC , decommissioning problem DC/GC did the trick, the famous balloon  was gone.


I wanted to post some little very useful information , help me to what to look for right off the bat (-:


Server name Outlook retrieving    data Who is causing
NetBIOS name ----------> Exchange Server
(FQDN) ----------> DC/GC

If the server name appears as a NetBIOS name, the data is being retrieved from an Exchange Server computer. If the server name appears as a fully qualified domain name (FQDN), the data is being retrieved from a global catalog server


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Arun Chaudhary said...

Hi Nitin,
I am also facing same problem in my network, that outlook is retrying to download the data from exchange server, I know this is regarding to GC/DC connectivity, I checked all is well, but my user still facing same problem.

Any permanent Solution for this.

Arun chaudhary

Andrew Scott said...

I was searching for the solution of this sort of problem as one of my client is facing this sort of related issue. This post seems to be really helpful for me.