Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How to Configure Application Server Relay trough Exchange 2007 HTS Server.

You have application server and you wish to let this server relay mails  trough your exchange 2007 server. I will show you how to set this up on exchange server and how to troubleshoot to make sure it is working or now.

  • ( exchange HTS server)
  • ( Some application server needs mail relay)

open EMC, drill down under Server Configuration, click on Hub Transport configuration


  • We will work on the right pane under “receive Connectors”
  • The receive connector installed on HTS server and it is
  • logical gateway through which all messages are received.


  • Or think it is as  “receive connectors as protocol listeners” similar to  Exchange 03 is an SMTP Virtual Server.


  • Now lets create one “receive connector” and specify who can relay trough and sent messages out from this connector

On the Receive connectors , make a right click and select

  • New Receive Connector


  • Give it a name
  • Internal_Relay ( I used this one)
  • Custom ( Click Drop Down and select intended use)
  • Click next


  • Local Network Settings
  • Specify the FQDN for the connector


Now we need to specify the application relay server IP address here.

  • First remove the default


  • Include the IP Address of relaying server
  • In my scenario this is going to be
  • Click next
  • Click new


  • and finish


  • Now I have the connector in the Receive connector list


Now log into application server and open CMD

  • Telnet mail2 25 ( hit enter)
  • Helo ( hit enter)
  • mail ( Change this to accommodate your environment), Most likely this will be the e-mail address application will try to sent mail out to the exchange server
  • I receive “ 530 5.7.1 Client was not authenticated”


  • we have still have problems and do little more work to get this going
  • Go back to connector , click on Permissions group, select
  • Anonymous users


Go back to relaying server we will perform the basic SMTP test from CMD one more time

  • telnet mail2 25
  • helo
  • mail
  • rcpt
  • Data ( hit enter)
  • Subject: Testing Mail Relay ( Hit enter)
  • Testing Mail Relay ( this is Body)
  • press dot + Enter + dot on the keyboard


  • now we got 250
  • open the mailbox for to verify the e-mail in the destination mailbox


Oz Casey Dedeal

MVP (Exchange)
MCSE 2003, M+, S+, MCDST
Security+, Project +, Server +

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