Thursday, December 13, 2007

Enterprise Exchange dedicated DC/GC Design Part 2

Isn't it the dream for every exchange administrators to have dedicated DC/GC servers for Exchange servers only? Our goal is simple we will dedicate GC for exchange server in enterprise environment. Pointing DS access to the DC's is not good enough. Those of you experts know already the meaning of Multi Master Replication model with AD 2000 and 2003 and how it works.

Follow the simple steps below to get to work done.

Step by Step

Prepare a DC/GC to be used by Exchange servers only

  • Open local GPO
  • Local computer Policy
  • Administrative templates
  • System
  • Net logon
  • DC Located DSN records
  • Priority Set in the DC locator DNs SRV Records
  • Double click on it
  • Enabled
  • Set priority anything greater than "0" ( I set all DC's to 100 in this example)
  • Save the GPO and give a data and some logical name.

Go to Event log and you will see this DC is no longer authenticating users, and being used by DSAccess only

SRV resource records

Specifies the Priority field in the SRV resource records registered by domain controllers (DC) to which this setting is applied. These DNS records are dynamically registered by the Net Logon service and are used to locate the DC.

The Priority field in the SRV record sets the preference for target hosts (specified in the SRV record's Target field). DNS clients that query for SRV resource records attempt to contact the first reachable host with the lowest priority number listed.

To specify the Priority in the DC Locator DNS SRV resource records, click Enabled, and then enter a value. The range of values is 0 to 65535. If this setting is not configured, it is not applied to any DCs, and DCs use their local configuration.


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