Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Microsoft cluster service components

We are in the middle of standing up new clustered exchange servers into our new data center. Part of the process is to build the new cluster servers and move mailboxes over to new exchange server. We probably will build a new cluster within a year and go for exchange 2007. Knowing the cluster components are critical therefore I have decided to post below table here at my blog. Microsoft Cluster Service is consisting of several device drivers and services. These modules reside on top of the Operating system (Windows enterprise edition) and behave as a service. The cluster service provides basic functions that the operating system needs in order to support clustering

  • Understanding each component is crucial going trough setting up and managing clusters.
  • It makes daily admin life easier in my opinion.



Node Manager

Maintains resource group ownership of cluster nodes

based on resource group node preferences and the

Availability of cluster nodes.

Resource Monitor

Utilizes the cluster resource API and RPCs to maintain

communication with the resource DLLs. Each monitor runs

as a separate process.

Failover Manager

Works in conjunction with the resource monitors to

manage resource functions within the cluster such as

failovers and restarts.

Checkpoint Manager

Maintains and updates application states and registry

keys on the cluster quorum resource.

Configuration Database Manager

Maintains and ensures coherency of the cluster database

on each cluster node that includes important cluster

information such as node membership, resources,

resource groups, and resource types.

Event Processor

Processes events relating to state changes and requests

from cluster resources and applications.

Membership Manager

Manages cluster node membership and polls cluster

nodes to determine state.

Event Log Replication Manager

Replicate system event log entries across all cluster


Global Update Manager

Provides updates to the Configuration Database

Manager to ensure cluster configuration integrity and


Object Manager

Provides management of all cluster service objects and

the interface for cluster administration.

Log Manager

Works with the Checkpoint Manager to ensure that the

recovery log on the cluster quorum disk is current and



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