Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rename Exchange Server

Is this even possible, renaming Exchange server, when I was contributing to Microsoft Exchange TechNet discussion groups for exchange administrator? One Exchange administrator was asking if he could rename his exchange server, would that be fine.

First answer was from one of the Exchange MVP

  • You just broke your exchange server, congratulation

Second answer was from another MVP

  • Only if you don't want Exchange to work afterwards.

Here are some more notes I have found interesting to read.

It is not possible to rename an Exchange 2003 server. Even if it becomes possible to do this in a service pack, be wary. However, you should be able to name your new server whatever you would like. The recommended approach would be to add your new Windows 2003 server, install Exchange 2003 into the existing Exchange Organization and Administrative Group, and then use the Move Mailbox feature to migrate the data. Before you decommission the old server, you need to do a few things that are documented in some famous Microsoft Knowledge Base articles about removing the "First Server" in the Routing Group or Site.
Finally here is the Microsoft supported way of doing this.
Swing upgrade method
Basically it is talking about bringing another server into existing environment, and moving all mail boxes, public folder, system folders and etc on the new server, after that either decommission the old one or make upgrades and move everything back again.

Where ever you look it is a serious move, needs to be planned, and time consuming.

The Exchange services won't start after a server rename.  Build a new server
with the new name and move the mailboxes to it would be the option if you insist to rename your exchange server

After reading all I have seen easily leave your exchange server alone, don't attempt to rename it unless you deliberately want to break your exchange server.


Swing upgrade method

First Server" in the Routing Group or Site

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