Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Need full access for all users’ mailboxes in Your SMTP mail organization

Exchange 2003 administrators have explicit denied access to user's mailbox, except their own. This was not the case before. Let's think a scenario for some reason you need to have full mailbox access to all users mailbox. (You don't have to tell me, why) how can this be achieved. Below I will illustrate how an Exchange administrator may achieve this goal. You can permit yourself to see everyone mail box on the entire company easily. Below register hack is for a user profile, so you are just making changes on the account you have logged in.

  • Copy and paste the code into notepad
  • Click file Save
  • Name the file ShowSecurityPage.reg
  • Click on save as type, change it to all files
  • Save it on your desktop as ESMShowSecurity.Reg, and double click on it to make the changes
  • Click OK two times
  • Open ESM now you will see security tab.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




Now go to ADUC create an account, to be used to look at all users mailbox. Let's say we will create account called "MailMaster" Now we will go back on top of ESM and add this account there and give full permissions, which will inherit all the way down to your entire mail organization. Great now we have an special account which has full permissions on all mail enabled object, including send as receive as

Go to your OWA now and log on with your user ID and password, such as Https://Mail.Smtp25.org/Exchange, OWA will ask you your user name and password before you see your own mailbox. Go ahead supply your credentials and login.

After you log in all you need to do is add at the end of your Browser the user ID of the user's mailbox you wish to visit. Let's say you want to see, Brad's mail and his NT Id is Brads, After last slash in the address bar with browser add simply brads ID, OWA will ask you( Now you are telling OWA open Brad mailbox )

Who you are, and you will be "MailMaster", which has FULL permission on any mail enabled object, type the password for this account, OWA will gracefully open up and show you Brad's mailbox, while Brad is logged in on to his mailbox you will be a shadow looking at all his E-mails and he will have no idea, what is going on

Be careful privacy is serious issue and do not misuse your knowledge


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It was quite easy process to have full access for all users mailboxes at SMTP mail organizations.

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