Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How to perform basic cleanup on the BES servers

When a mailbox gets deleted the BES server will not notice it until the next reboot. Even after reboot time to time I have seen problems on the BES server due to non existing mailbox users, messing up the BES server. The BES server locates a user mailbox by looking at Server DN (distinguish name) on the Exchange server. The problems arises when a users gets moved within the same exchange server, since BlackBerry cannot locate the user mailbox (DN is the same) worker Treats gets hang. Now we will perform one of the basic tasks to locate the non existing users on the BES server.

Go to command line on the BES server Start, Run, CMD, Drill down to this directory below

C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Utility>


HandheldCleanup.exe -u

Pres okay and enter the BES server name

Please Enter BESName: ->BESServerNameGoesHere, hit enter.

You will get a report showing all the users having trouble (users with no mailbox)

Failed to Resolve Name in HandheldCleanup. User:Varnado, Linda hResult: <8004010


Failed to Resolve Name in HandheldCleanup. User:xxx, xxx hResult: <80040


Failed to Resolve Name in HandheldCleanup. User:xxxxx, Sharon hResult: <800


Failed to Resolve Name in HandheldCleanup. User:Dxxxx, Rebecca Jo. hResult: <8004


Failed to Resolve Name in HandheldCleanup. User:xxxx, Joseph hRes

ult: <8004010f>


Go back to Blackberry manager, and locate these users, make sure they have mailboxes, if they don't have a mailbox delete them from BES


Best regards,

Oz Ozugurlu



Real said...


I moved a mailbox from one server to another. However, when I run the HandheldCleanup utility, it does not recognize the move. What do I do if the user in question has a mailbox but the wrong mailbox location is listed in BlackBerry Manager?


Oz Ozugurlu said...

It sounds like the BES agents have not catch up the mailbox move, If you give some time I think it will, if it wont try restarting BES services, if still not I am afraid you will have to bounce the BES server, after reboot BB Agents will be able to locate the new MB location
Thanks for reading my posts, and hope this helps you out


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