Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Black Berry 4.0 Handheld is not getting any mails

Most of the times I have seen problems such, where outlook gets the mail instance whereas the message never makes to the hand help. We see our client most of the times asking is something wrong with BES servers I have not been getting mail on my Black Berry since several hours


Make sure BES server is up and running..After you log in on the BlackBerry manager make a right click and go to Properties make sure SRP is connected and it is in running stage, you can go to directory below on the BES server

C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Utility>

And type


I have copied all these EXE files on %windir%\system32 directory, so that I can execute them from DOS at any time



-host <hostname>

-port <port>




Allows administrators to backup and restore BlackBerry Server information, including configuration and user information, into a password-protected file.





HandheldCleanup -U

Perform Handheld Mailbox check and update.




Tips: if you they the Exe file name following with forward Slash and question mark you get the usage of the utility such as C:\>FixMapiSvc.exe /?

Now fins the use who is complaining not getting mails on to his or her Black Berry and from Back Berry manager. Make a right click and look at the user Statistic.

  • Check the time the message was received last.
  • Check the time the message Received by hand held, last handheld contact.
  • Verify the latency. Now Click Close

Now make a right click and set Test E-mail to the client verify if it is making the hand held or not.

Now, make sure handheld is getting fair signal. If you are still having problems mail is getting to user inbox but the handheld. Take the battery out for couple minutes; put the battery back in to the device. Perform the E-mail test one more time.

If you are still having problem, you might have been bounced from strong tower to the weakest one and device might be in hang stage. Check the routing table on the device goes to

  • Options,
  • Advance options,
  • Host routing table

On the TOP of the routing entry, make a right click and select register now. Go back and perform a test mail one more time


Best Regards

Oz Ozugurlu

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