Monday, June 4, 2007

AOL 550 your e-mail was rejected for policy reasons

Cannot sent mail to AOL, check this out to determine why you cannot.

Most often I see people are asking how to go by not being able to send mail to some certain domains while any other domain accepts e-mails from their mail servers.When most of the servers won't accept e-mails from any domain, most of the time they give the reason back to the senders and telling the sender what the reason is The NRD reposts normally indicates or lead the exchange administrator to the clue why the destination server was rejected or not accepted such mail from sender SMTP domain.Here is the example of the NDR came from AOL 550 your e-mail was rejected for policy reasons on this gateway. Reasons for rejection may be related to content such as obscene language, graphics, or spam-like characteristics (or) other Reputation problems.

The fastest way to deal with AOL is by clicking the link here AOL Post master Trouble

Fair enough we get the explanation from the AOL support page

550 "username" Is Not Accepting Mail from This Sender This error indicates that the AOL Member has configured his account, possibly inadvertently, to only accept mail from certain addresses and/or domains on the Internet. Using Mail Controls he will have to modify those settings to receive mail from you. AOL Postmaster cannot override these Member defined settings. We respect Member's privacy and their ability to control their own mail. Postmaster cannot forward the mail for you

Verify quickly some of the settings below

Make sure you have RDNS for your domain. Make sure you are not on the any of the RBL list

Make sure you are not on Yahoo, AOL or etc black list (call yahoo, submit the case for unblocking your mail server)

Enable SMTP logging on your default virtual server, in order to have better view of what is going on

To turn on Diagnostics Logging on the MSExchangeTransport service, follow these steps:

1. Start Exchange System Manager.

2. Expand Servers, right-click Your_ Server_Name, and then click Properties.

3. Click the Diagnostics Logging tab, and then click MSExchangeTransport under Services.

4. Under Categories, click the category that you want to log.

5. Under Logging Level, click the appropriate logging level for the issue that you are investigating:

  • None
  • Minimum
  • Medium
  • Maximum

Note: to see event messages turn up the logging level to medium or high.

Check to see if you receive the following event messages in Events viewer with event logging turned on.

Try to telnet into the destination mail server and pay attention to recipient server responses. If you get any response, Google it up and figured out what needs to be done

Telnet commands are below

Telnet 25 or the IP address of the mail server can be inserted as

Telnet 25 (replace the IP address I used here to recipient mail server Public IP)

Helo: SpamKing (or anything you like, don't you say your name when you meet with someone, that does not mean you are telling your true name, don't forget the columns after Helo:

Mail from: (or anything you like)

Rcpt to: recipient mail address goes here (destination mailbox, intended mail recipient) most of the server will reject invalid E-mail addresses.

Hit Enter after this

Subject: Type the subject here hit enter when you finish

Start typing the Data here, need to know how to finish, press dot (.) Enter dot (.)

Now your mail went to the recipient mail server


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