Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to Configure Exchange 2010 Self Certificate Part 3

  • Now open your Exchange 2010 Server EMC
  • Go to Server Configuration , make right click
  • Select "new Exchange Certificate"


Give it a name like,

Exchange 2010 CR Request


Click next


Now on this page let me elaborate bit more, in our scenario we won't have any access from internet so all configuration changes we will be doing are INTERNAL. That being said if this would be real time scenario the process would be the same as you would consider to use outside names to access these resources such as or

Internal Server names DO NOT NEED TO BE on the certificate normally , Unless you can think of some good reason.

We will use two name spaces and , in internal DNS servers we will add A records to point these resources

Any Exchange server we like. The purpose of having different name space is to keep control of internal mail related resources and segregate them from outside ( Different path, different HLB servers etc.)



The last option is Legacy , if you were to perform migration from legacy versions of Exchange servers this is what you would select here for the proper name space to be able to distinguish Exchange services and proxy them back to legacy servers in Co-Existence scenarios . ( you leave this blank if this is wont pertain to you)


Now on this page make sure your common name set it correctly

Fill out the blanks per your reference





Click Finish now you can see you have pending request


Here is our file


In Part 3 we will put all together


Here is OWA and SSL connection is established  with no  issues



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Anonymous said...

Unless I'm just having a browser problem it looks like you might have copied Part 2 into Part 3. The section on what you do with the CR is missing.