Saturday, August 31, 2013

Create Bulk Active Directory Users with PowerShell

Here is real simple script to use to create bulk AD users for your test environment. When you execute the script it will ask you simple questions, all you need to do it to type input based on your scenario, script will take your input and execute within the shell. and at the end it will list the users which have been created.

I wrote this script please fell free to change or add anything you like.

Download the script  from here


After downloading the script execute it


Script will ask you three questions


After you specify how many users you like to create ( you can create as many users as you like)


Script will show you the users, you will also find these  users on the default user contained within ADUC.


Easy enough (-: , Enjoy it


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James Franklin said...

Please try ASN Active Directory Manager for bulk users creation with more advanced options using simple user interface.

This tool provides 3 options to create bulk users and other objects in few simple clicks. Import CSV method creates thousands of users in a single click. All the domain users (needs to be created in another domain 'B') in domain 'A' can be exported to a csv file with required attributes (column headers) in a single click. And the same exported csv file can be imported in domain 'B'. In some cases, Administrators may need to create bulk users with indexing (piduser1, piduser2,...). Automatic creation method provides the option to create thousands of indexed users. This tool provides the advanced properties interface to set complexed attribute like memberof, manager, etc for bulk users. Also single users can be created with more properties set. All the three options can be used together. Like user creation, contacts, computers, groups and ous can be created in bulk.

For more details, please visit