Monday, May 6, 2013

Exchange 2013 Sizing guidelines

It has been long time many of us have been waiting for E13 Calculator to design upcoming  messaging deployments and and finally here are the guidelines which will be feed into Official Exchange 2013 when it is available.


I am sure after reading the guidelines your head will spin up (-: you will quickly realize how much we have spoiled to given actual E210 calculator which does all these complicated calculation for us. IMO the calculator is the bible of design and sizing , not fallowing the output or the guidelines will lead to failure in the design.

I like to highlight some of the calculation details here and let you read the read rom Exchange team blog.

First of the most whatever you do you have to consider seriously Jet stressing your predicted design to make sure what is the actual IOPS etc. At the end of the day if the required IOPS are not there , failure will occur , same goes the required amount of memory and CPU per server.

Remember  you have to decide Scale up or Scale out

scaling up (deploying fewer larger servers) and scaling out (deploying a larger number of smaller servers)

The idea behind E15 is simplicity as it was in E2010 , so combining stateless ( CAS ) role MBX not only will make servers counts less to be deployed but also will produce more servers for available services.

  • Large IOPS deduction in E15 , where did it came from , the short answer is the trade More memory and CPU resource.
  • Exchange 2013 high checkpoint depth on the passive copy = 100MB
  • IOPS for a passive copy is about 50 percent of the active copy IOPS in Exchange 2013.
  • Exchange server ESE catch plays large part in the reduction of IOPS , in trade off to actual memory, new content indexing , Exchange services also are other tenants.


Turn off CPU Hyperthreading there are potential issues if enabled,

“While modern implementations of simultaneous multithreading (SMT), also known as hyperthreading, can absolutely improve CPU throughput for most applications, the benefits to Exchange 2013 do not outweigh the negative impacts. “

lets keep our fingers crossed Exchange team will make store calculator ready for us in near time, and lets remember their hard work and give them credits they deserve for making our lives easy.


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