Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Exchange 2013 Calculator

This has been a long waiting and finally here is the official calculator for Exchange 2013. Thanks for all the hard work put into getting the calculator done, for sure it is a “must” tool we could not leave without …..


Read more on Exchange team blog


Some of the highlights with the calculator

  • Exchange team Multi Role deployment & recommendation continues , considering remaining less server roles, this is expected and makes the most sense IMO.
  • Virtualization of Exchange 2013 does it make sense ?
  • Considering huge increase on the CPU and Memory requirements ( in trade the less 33% IOPS compared to Exchange 2010 , it does not make sense , utilizing hardware and investing into DAG model as far as redundancy goes makes more sense. Simply if we are not able to configure more then two hosts on the virtual hosting server,  the idea of implementing Exchange 2013 becomes obsolete and waste.
  • When deploying dedicated server roles, the calculator will recommend the minimum number of Client Access processor cores and memory per server.

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