Monday, July 2, 2012

MVP for another Year, !!!! Thanks to all of you.

I have received one more year extension on MVP nomination. As we have no power here in Washington DC, no gas, no food and day care is closed (-: , this make it all up for sure and put big smile on my face (-:

I would like to say many thanks to all my friends, All loyal visitors and my dear students who truly help me to get here. Without your support I could never made it for another year.

As everything changing fast please stay tuned for more Exchange Server related news which will be coming up soon (-: , I am sure you will be pleased and excited.

All these years I spend in IT field one thing I have learned is how much I do not know and need to learn more (-: , I will continue my journey and share my knowledge and try to influence and help our community.

I also want to say thanks to my MVP Team lead Melissa Travers for her on going patience and encouragements. Thanks a lot also the Exchange Team for listening our little voice and never being mad (-: . Lastly many thanks to many other MVP peers whom I have taken example over the years and learned a lot...




Oz Casey, Dedeal.


Anonymous said...

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Denny said...

Hi Oz,

Great blog you have there!

I wrote a very cool application for the Technet community that automate account provisioning process and It supports Office 365 also. I called it poor man’s Identity management solution. It would be great if you can write an article or review for this application on you blog.

Let me know.