Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Exchange 2013 Welcome !!!!!!!!!!

If you are not fallowing the exchange Server and its related new, here are some head start information and links , What is new in Exchange 2013


  • EAC  (Exchange Administration Center) I know terms all the time changes (-: , Exchange 2010 EMC ( MMC ) has been replaced, no longer wait time, the new interface is ***Fast***

What's New in Exchange 2013 Preview

  • In-place upgrades are not supported , however Coexistence with Exchange 2007 , 2010 is supported. So if you have two server in your DAG, you will be able to break your DAG wipe out one of your server and brings it back as Exchange 2013 and move onto second server.
  • Installing Exchange 2013 you have to install Mailbox server and at least one Client Access server in each AD sites
  • Store has been re-written to improve the performance, better IO reeducation and reliability.

New mail flow see details………..


  • Coexistence with Exchange 2003 is NOT Supported, Windows 2008 R2  is supported OS and support for Windows 8 is in works
  • Build in DLP Data loss prevention ( Woww , this is great add on to newest Exchange server) DLP will help & protect companies  sensitive data and inform users of internal compliance policies.
  • Achieving, eDiscovery search capabilities and preserve data cross multiple data repositories ( Share point and Lync) the coloration of SP and Lync in Exchange 2013 is incredible, Extra security futures build into multiple platforms and their coloration is  incredibly useful.
  • Good by to RPC and welcome to RPC over HTTPS, this means the RPC packets will be wrapped into SSL packets for communication.

I will continue to post , stay tuned and get ready for Exchange 2013 (-:

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Anonymous said...

Coexistence with Exchange 2010 is *NOT* supported in Exchange 2013 preview.