Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Migration Exchange Servers to Exchange 2010

I am sure one of the most asked question will be , how do I migrate from Exchange X version ( mostly 2003 I suspect (-: to Exchange 2010?

In general migration is much easier in my opinion. IF you have ever done migration in the past you will know the main focus points always been in a nut shell

  • Size the new exchange 2010 server ( hardware configuration, mailbox , Hub, CAS, Edge etc )
  • calculate the IOPS
  • Design SG / DB for Exchange server or Servers
  • Design or Architect the roles  ( Number of servers )
  • Decide high availability ( cluster etc)
  • Implement  / Execute the plan
  • Once you have your  new Exchange ( new one 210 in this  example) server use mailbox move wizard to move mailboxes over to it.
  • Use MS articles to make sure migration is smooth, move all required Exchange data, PF folders, mailboxes etc
  • Make use mail flow works , other services are running properly OWA, Outlook anywhere etc…
  • Shut down the old exchange server to make sure nothing is getting crazy
  • After make sure everyone is happy Un-install your legacy Exchange server and complete the migration.

As you can see from basic steps the required actions takes planning and doing your homework correctly (-:

Since Exchange 2010 is not upgrade to Exchange 2007, and it is entirely different powerful application you may want to take a bit more time to investigate some of outstanding futures, the redundancy option is one of the most powerful future ( DAG), High Availability and Site Resilience.




Planning and Deployment

High Availability and Site Resilience

Exchange 2010 System Requirement

Exchange 2010 Prerequisites

Upgrade to Exchange 2010

Deploying Exchange 2010

Roadmap for Exchange Features

Database Availability Group Design Examples

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Tom Brown said...
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James smith said...
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James smith said...

It is always a good thing to migrate from Older Exchange Server to the Latest one. But there are many obstacles in this process. Like the fear from Exchange database corruption, Log files not accessible after migration, Mailbox management issues etc.
Therefore the best way to migrate is first Export Exchange Database into PST files using any third party tool like Exchange Mailbox Recovery. Then import all PST files into the latest Exchange Server. You can also get help about the complete process from their support team.

Jake Smith said...

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